Did I stop writing?

No, I haven’t but most of the time my blogging efforts have been addressed to OnTheGoSystems blog where I’m happy to write about our latest participation in WordCamps and Meetups… Read More

WordCamp Marbella 2016

One week after WordPress Antwerp, I played local and spoke about WordPress Multilingual at WordCamp Marbella 2016. Here you go my first talk in WordPress.tv.

WordCamp Antwerp 2016: presentations

As I previously said, I had the opportunity to talk at WordCamp Antwerp 2016. Here you can find the slides of my two presentations. http://www.slideshare.net/AndresCifuentes4/wordpress-multilingual-wordcamp-antwerp-2016 http://www.slideshare.net/AndresCifuentes4/themes-that-perform-short-wordcamp-antwerp-2016

WordCamp Antwerp

The only thing I can say it that I’m pretty honour of being selected as a speaker in WordCamp Antwerp, I still think the organisers made a mistake 🙂 but… Read More

WordCamp London

A couple of weeks ago, I has the opportunity to assist to WordCamp London 2016, it was an amazing experience. It was the first time that I didn’t assist as… Read More

Learning languages

As I said, this year has started (well, we are already in may) pretty exciting. I’ve written a couple of words about learning new languages within our Blog. It is… Read More

Sabbatical year

After what I call a Sabbatical year when I expend my time putting everything together with my new job at OnTheGoSystems I decided to write again. This year seems pretty exciting and I’m… Read More