First words

After a lot of time of procrastination, finally I give the first step. I’ve been shortly in web’s world and I’ve always been scared about letting some kind of trace of my poor knowledge. First at all, as you can see, english is not my first language, it was the first obstacle.

Second, everything about the web has been already written, there are thousands of books and blogs talking about design and development and I am not precisely some kind of genius. So, but else could I bring? Well, I said to myself, as I am also new, maybe I can understand people that are starting, that frustration and that no-direction.

Finally I said, I could just let a trace for my self, I mean some kind of inventory or library where I can come back every time that I have to get that code, or that website or that tool that I saw the other day.

Anyway, is there really anybody who is going to read this a part my mother?