Speeding up my WordPress Site – Part 2

After reading about leveraging browser caching, I was hesitating between using just a WordPress Plugin (W3 total Cache) or doing it by myself. I have to say that I’m becoming a bit sceptical to the difference between using and abusing with WordPress plugins. I am not saying this plugin does not worth it, actually I think it does, but maybe because my site is not too big, I could try do it by myself.

While I’m doing this, I’ve been reading this article – among others – and I finally decided to hard code it. I did not use the script suggestion from the article, instead I went back to HTML5 Boilerplate and recover the rest of the web performance .htacces.

This made that 86/100 for Desktop and 70/100 for mobile became 92/100 for Desktop and 75/100 for mobile. Not bad for desktop. However, I’m arriving to the hard part blocking JS and CSS.

P.S: When I restarted my computer today, the score was different from that of Saturday, but after a second run It got the same results. Is this a cache problem?