It’s been a while since my last note but I could say I was taking a moment, I was trying to silent my head. This industry is always pushing us with new information. Every day there is a new great post, a better performant software, a new extension… and it is always asking us to catch up every day.

I finished last year very tired, between a full job and some freelances shots I just couldn’t give an extra mile. So I decided to end my year quiet and try to plan what I expected for this new year.

I said, ok, it is time to stop been lazy, I have to retake my side projects. I started an open-source project with svg, I also started a new site for a friend and I was a the perfect moment to try Grunt.js. Pretty neat, It took me a few hours to implemented in this project and I was pretty happy. I was following a post of Chris Coyer and I was amazed when I realized that between a couple of days the initial structure that he was proposing in his tutorial has already changed. Just two weeks and I have to readapt myself grace a clever technique by Hans Christian Reinl,

I couldn’t believe it but just two weeks after people were already talking about Gulp! I was getting started to feel confortable when I should move again.

I know that this is the trend in this industry, but sometimes I just want a silent moment. I don’t have idea if I’m going to publish my article about grunt, It is not only a short version of a couple of articles, but also old, I should talk about Gulp.