Stagionalmente Week#1

icon-show-pearA couple of days before, I saw for this guy that unfortunately I can’t find now. His idea was to create a new icon every day. This is a huge task, you have to have plenty of energy and discipline to achieve it. When I saw this, I said: “that’s what I’m doing for Stagionalmente!”. Not even close for doing one icon per day, but at least one per week.

So, avoiding procrastination I am going to publish one icon per week. I d0n’t know how I am going to publish or if as the projet goes I’am going to change a bit of design or the way I am presenting it, but anyway, just the fact of keep a rhythm of one icon by week I found it huge. I am still wandering how this guy did it.

So, here you go, I am going to start with with a delicious pear this week! Enjoy.