6 months

It’s been already more than 6 months since my last post, I only have in my defense that I was in a hard change period. After the World Cup euphoria I decided to quit my job and move to another country. I think I had more than enough in my hands.

Anyway, no more excuses, It’s the moment to restart and change words into acts. Right now, I’m leaving in Sevilla, Spain and I can say that I’m really happy, I change the stress full routine of metro, parisiens, expensive restaurants for some kind of slow pace and friendly people.

I started updating my site, changing all my old workflow into a Grunt task system. This has allow me to improve performance,  minified CSS and JS and compress images. But in another hand, I detected other thing to improve/fix.

I’m trying to catch up again with my site, writing regularly and post performance results after I’ll make some changes after finishing this course offer by udacity.